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A. J. Meyer  SSM Australia Page:7157 
A. V. Rykov  The Physical ´´Vacuum´´ and the Unity of Nature7173 
A.A. Nassikas  Space Time Electrostatic Propulsion7153 
A.P. Levich  Institute for Time Nature Explorations7152 
Adolf Schneider  Antigravity7179 
Alfredo Barrera  Relativity and Gravitrons7156 
Alvaro Leite Pereira de Souza  Philosophy of Science7159 
Andreas Fornefett  Gravitation und Ätherforschung7159 
Andreas Fornefett  Allgemeine Grundlagenforschung7149 
Böhm, M.F.  Expanding Newton’s Gravitation Law: Variable Cosmic Gravity Factors GVi7158 
Charles F. Brush  Kinetic Theory of Gravitation7163 
Clifford Will  WUGRAV -- Washington University Gravity Group7149 
Dan Winter  Fractality Unifies the Field: Real Holy Grail | TDG - Science, Magick, Myth and History7145 
David Schroeder  The Field Interchange Hypothesis7161 
David W. Allan  Gravity Theory -- Introducing Energy-Density Component7223 
David W. Allan  Gravity Theory -- Introducing Energy-Density Component7185 
David W. Allan  Allan's TIME (Time Interval Metrology Enterprise)7154 
Dimitri  Enter Hyperspace7170 
Domenico Di Mario  The Physics Deep7155 
Dr. John N. Hait  Founder and Professor of Resonant Fields for the Rocky Mountain Research Center7150 
Dr. Matti Pitkänen   Homepage of Matti Pitkänen7154 
Dr. Matti Pitkänen  Topological GeometroDynamics by Matti Pitkanen7147 
Dr. Michael E. Nitsche  Kosmische Fluktuationen7157 
Dr.-Ing. Christoph Cäsar  Electromagnetic Theory of Gravity7148 
Eduardo Valencia  Quantum Light Cones7158 
Ekkehard Friebe  Gravitation in neuer Sicht7157 
Ekkehard Friebe   Das 1. Axiom NEWTONs - Ursache der weltweiten Krise der Physik 7155 
Erik Haeffner  The Origin of Galaxies7160 
Fran De Aquino  The Gravitational Spacecraft7161 
Fran De Aquino  Gravitation and Electromagnetism7159 
Garret Lisi  Is mathematical pattern the theory of everything? - fundamentals - 15 November 2007 - New Scientist7145 
Goran, Mitic  Temperature Relativity Of A Mass7151 
hans wm KÖRBER  Gedanken über Raum, Zeit, Geschwindigkeit und Länge7151 
hans wm Körber  Eine analytisch begründete Ursache der Gravitation - Folienvortrag7150 
hans wm KÖRBER  Eine analytisch begründete Ursache der Gravitation ...7149 
hans wm Körber  Gibt es Antigravitation und falls ja, was ist das?286 
Harald Maurer  Gravitationsimpuls7148 
Harald Maurer  Übersicht Gravitationstheorien7145 
Ilja Schmelzer  Post Relativistic Gravity7163 
J.W. van Holten  Dynamical Space-Time and Gravitational Waves7163 
Jeff Smith  Suppressed Antigravity Secrets Revealed7170 
John Baez  This Week´s Finds in Mathematical Physics7152 
John K. Harms  Cosmic Long-Wavelength Photons And A Fundamental Understanding Of Gravitation7149 
John Schwarz  Superstring Theories7146 
Juan Arkani  Fime Net - The Universe in 5D...7151 
Kapil Chandra  Quantum mechanical force and derivation of gravitational constant through quantum theory 7144 
Karl-Heinz Fried  Raumzeit7145 
Keith M. Hardy  The Theory of Distance-Time7147 
Kiesslinger, Rudolf  Gravitation in the Making7147 
Larry Burks  Wormholes As A Reality7165 
Li Zifeng  Explain the Law of Gravitation Using Exchange of Momentum between Objects and Micro-particles7145 
Ljudmil Daskalow  Die Gravitation7145 
Luigi Maxmilian Caligiuri, Amrit Sorli  Gravity originates from variable energy density of quantum vacuum7167 
M.A.  Hypothetische Interpretation der Krümmung der Raumzeit als lokale Unterschiede in der Raumausdehnungsgeschwindigkeit, führend zum Ansatz zu einer einheitlichen Feldtheorie7146 
MAHAG  Übersicht Gravitationstheorien7150 
Manuel Uhl  Was ist Zeit?7145 
Matti Pitkanen  Topological Geometrodynamics7147 
Michael A.Gelman  Gravity Explained7147 
Myron W. Evans  Grand Unified Theory with practical consequences7144 
N.N.  Flyby anomaly - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia7144 
Nick Turnock  A quantum theory of gravity compatible with general relativity7146 
Patrick Linker  Algebraic Graviton Quantizing7146 
Paul A. LaViolette  The Pioneer Effect Discovery and the Amazing Theory that Predicted it7143 
Paul Budnik  Is Space-Time a Lattice?7145 
Paul LaViolette  Subquantum Kinetics7146 
Peter Kohl  Gravitus- Homepage7148 
Peter Kohl  Zur Gravitation - eine Lösungsmöglichkeit über die elektrische Kraft7148 
Peter Kohl  Gravitus- Homepage7147 
Peter Ripota  Zeitreisen7145 
Petra Schulz  Gravitation noch immer ein Geheimnis 7148 
Philip Lawson  Spacetime Geometry7150 
Ralph Sansbury  Gravity, Magnetism & Light7148 
Reinhard Köcher  Informations-Energetik7087 
Rich Marker  Discrete Donuts7147 
Robert G. Brunner  Gravitation7150 
Robert Nelson  Nikolai Kozyrev: Time (articles from New Energy Technologies magazine, Russia)7144 
Rudolf de Heus  my Little Bang page7149 
Salvator Micheal  Gravity as the Expansion of Space-Time7151 
Sepp Hasselberger  Spin and rotation: gravity, magnetism and star formation - Sepp Hasslberger7223 
Sherrill Roberts  Quantum Strangeness and Space-Time7150 
Stefan von Weber  Gravitation ? die Kraft aus der vierten Dimension7145 
Steve Kaufman  The Dynamical Structure of Space7147 
Susanne Vrobel  Fractal Time7145 
T. Padmanabhan  Emergent Perspective of Gravity and Dark Energy7607 
Thilo Hinterberger  Experiment zur Erzeugung von Gravitationsanomalien durch Beeinflussung des Quantenvakuums 7213 
Tom Van Flandern  The Speed of Gravity - What the Experiments Say7144 
Vladimir Trifonov  A Linear Solution of the Four-Dimensionality Problem7148 
Vohu Hemsida  The TOE Home Page7149 
VoX HD  Dropbox - VOX_HD_01.11.2018__173MB.mp477 
W.J. Hooper  New Horizons In Electric, Magnetic & Gravitational Field Theory7179 
Walter Killer  Gravitation: Ein Absorptionsphänomen7144 
Wilfrid Boisvert  The Discontinuity of Motion7146 
William Alek  Gravitational Mass Fluctuations Paper Release 3.07143 
Wolfgang Cassing  Dunkle Materie - überall im Weltall7145 
Yuri Rylov  T-geometry and its application to space-time model7145 
Zifeng Li  The Law of Universal Attraction with Momentum Exchange between Objects and Microparticles7146 
Zifeng Li  Materialistic Views of Space-Time and Mass-Energy7145