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Adolf Schneider (compiler) 
Linkliste zur Freien Energie [¤]
  Sammlung verschiedener Links zum Thema "Freie Energie" 
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Jochen Kirchhoff 
Jochen Kirchhoff | Kosmologie - YouTube [¤]
  Videogespräche zu grundlegenden Themen der Physik aus naturphilosophischer Perspektive 
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Adolf Schneider (compiler) 
IEC News [¤]
  Inductance Energy Corporation (IEC) has produced the Earth Engine which is the world’s first and only power source propelled by Asymmetrical Magnetic Propulsion. It operates on the same principle as the ‘Slingshot Effect’ or 'Swing-by-Effect' space travel phenomenon, which enables a spacecraft to increase velocity via a gravitational assist. In 2009, Dennis Danzik, an industrial engineer, scientist, and graduate of the MIT product development program, postulated that the same effect might be replicated on a smaller scale using magnets containing rare earth. The problem Danzik faced was that a magnet’s ‘push’ is always equal to its ‘pull.’ But in the summer of 2012, Danzik succeeded in altering the ‘polarity’ of a magnet. He made one pole stronger than the other, inventing an Asymmetrical Magnet array, and the applied science of Magnetic Propulsion was born. Remark by A. Schneider: see also the link: http://www.borderlands.de/Links/MagneticMonopoles.pdf  
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A theoretical explanation of how Free Energy operates in our Universe [¤]
  Mutual Induction at the Cost of Self-Induction Yields No Free Lunch! For free energy to occur in Tesla's system of generation, self-induction must be minimized so as to prevent it from becoming parasitic eating up any gain made by the system's mutual induction. How do we do this in my circuit? By shifting voltage out-of-phase with the current by a factor of 180°. Then, there will be no back EMF to compete with the coil's dynamics. Back EMF is a product of synchronicity between current and voltage in a coil. Without zero degrees of synchronicity, a coil has no opportunity to undermine its own reactance, nor undermine the reactance of anything else in the circuit. 8 June, 2019 
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Extending the Range of Electric Vehicles by Maximizing their Amphours [¤]
  Electrical transients are a renewable source of pollution-free energy, updated 29th June 2019. The accumulation of energy is the reason why transient surges can result in electrical overloads capable of exploding transformers and frying circuit boards. These surges have been suppressed, for good reason, for more than a century. I study how to foster them, manage them, and harness them to power all of our appliances – but especially: our electric cars. See also: https://www.amazon.com/Vinyasi/e/B07PZ4VK99 or: https://payhip.com/vinyasi or: http://vinyasi.info/ 
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James Robitaille 
Interview with inventor John Searl (SEG) [¤]
  Prof. John Searl has been called the Godfather of free energy. A man who in the 1960s and 70s built fuel free power generators which could power the home, and flying discs which could travel the length and breadth of the UK in minutes. Professor John Searl, inventor of the Searl Effect Generator (SEG), and Levity Discs, now nearing eighty years old, has led an inspired but turbulent existence. The single minded pursuit of producing his Searl Effect Generators for the betterment of humanity has been a rocky path … But he has been lucky too with a host of generous benefactors and fortuitous situations which allowed him to build his generators and Levity Discs (large flying discs known also as Inverse Gravity Vehicles).  
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Martin Mayer 
Compton Particles and Quantum Forces [¤]
  An alternative physical model for fundamental particles, fundamental forces & black holes is presented based on classical physics, an unconventional variant of quantum physics as well as holographic & fractal principles. The presented model is primarily based on work from Horst Thieme and Nassim Haramein. In this document their concepts are combined, refined and extended into a joint model that is wider in scope. Furthermore elements were taken from the work of Randell Mills and Erik Verlinde. The deduced equations produce a good number of interesting results and new understandings which might be perceived as controversial with regard to contemporary physics. The presented content covers a broad range of topics in physics to demonstrate the model’s wide applicability and to spark more future research. Most notably probabilistic quantum physics is not necessary for the presented model and its noteworthy results. In general, the presented work suggests that although our universe is seemingly governed by chance and chaos there is incredible systematics and interconnectedness beyond it all. Lots of open questions remain, and despite its length this paper still only touches all the various subjects on the surface, but the stated results and revealed relationships should be interesting enough to substantiate the presented thinking and encourage further research 
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Adolf Schneider (Compiler) 
Links zu Muammer Yildiz Magnetic Motor [¤]
  Die Baugruppe des Yildiz-Motors besteht im Wesentlichen aus Permanentmagneten, Kunststoff und Aluminium. Experimente bestätigen jedoch, dass der Motor, ohne mit einer anderen konventionellen Energiequelle (wie Batterien usw.) verbunden zu sein, in der Lage ist, ein kontinuierliches Drehmoment auf einer sich drehenden Achse zu entwickeln und auf diese Weise als Antriebsmaschine betrieben werden kann. Normalerweise handelt es sich um einen Energieaustauschprozess ohne durchschnittlichen Nettoenergietransfer. Wenn jedoch mechanische Energie aus der Spinachse entnommen wird, wird davon ausgegangen, dass die ausgeklügelte Konstruktion der Magnete es für einen bestimmten Leistungsbereich ermöglicht, genügend Energie aus den Quantenschwankungen durch die interne Partikelvorrichtung umzusetzen, um die schraubenförmige Form des Magnetfeldes um den Rotor herum zu erhalten (Auszug aus http://gaia-projects.org/yildiz-motor/). In dieser Zusammenstellung sind verschiedene Links zur Technologie von Muammer Yildiz zusammengefasst. 
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Stanley Meyer: Death and Denial. [¤]
  You might think the fuel cell is still very new technology less than a decade old, but it turns out that the entire invention of the fuel cell dates back all the way to 1975, when a man named Stanley Meyer decided to make an invention that would potentially revolutionize the entire auto industry and change how we power automobiles forever, which is that instead we use gasoline, we use water. 
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Link-Fabrik AG 
Linkbuilding [¤]
  Eine Website-Analyse zeigt die Schwachstellen einer Website und Optimierungspotential auf. Die Link-Fabrik AG hat sich unter anderem auf Website-Analysen spezialisiert und prüft Keywords, Ladezeiten, Konkurrenten, URLs, Statuscodes und viele weitere Faktoren welche die Website negativ beeinflussen können. Nach der umfangreichen Website-Analyse wird diese gemeinsam ausgewertet und Vorschläge zur Verbesserung unterbreitet. Auch bietet die SEO-Agentur noch weitere SEO-Massnahmen wie professioneller Linkaufbau auf kostenlosen Plattformen sowie weitere Linkbuilding-Strategien. Im OnPage-Bereich können auch noch professionelle SEO-Texte erstellt, Landingpages überarbeitet, Keyword-Analysen oder Backlink-Audits in Anspruch genommen werden. Es besteht auch die Möglichkeit ein professionelles SEO-Coaching zu buchen und individuell im SEO-Bereich geschult zu werden.  
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