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Patrick Cornille 
A Review on Electromagnetic Propulsion by Stimulated Forces [¤]
  There are in the literature many reports concerning experiments showing that conductors submitted to high voltage or with high currents passing through them are moving without the help of an external observer. By using Newtonian mechanics and the application of Newton’s third law, we are able to explain this motion or propulsion effect either as resulting from a spontaneous force if we use the Amp`ere force law or as a stimulated force if we use the Lorentz force law. In this paper, we will examine both the theoretical and experimental aspects concerning this effect. 
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I Mathiyarasan C.Karthi V Rajkumar K vasanth C.Rajeswari 
Conventional Free Energy Generation [¤]
  This Paper deals with the concept of free energy and its generation of regulator system. A motor of 0.5 power unit capability is employed to drive a dynamo to produces the power. The intriguing factor regarding this technique is that larger electrical output power may be obtained from the output of the generator than seems to be drawn from the input motor. This can be through with the assistance of a Gear box 
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Pines et.al. 
Nuclear Fusion Reactions in Deuterated Metals [¤]
  Nuclear fusion reactions of D-D are examined in an environment comprised of high density cold fuel embedded in metal lattices in which a small fuel portion is activated by hot neutrons. Such an environment provides for enhanced screening of the Coulomb barrier due to conduction and shell electrons of the metal lattice, or by plasma induced by ionizing radiation (&#947; quanta). We show that neutrons are far more efficient than energetic charged particles, such as light particles (e&#8722;, e+) or heavy particles (p, d, &#945;) in transferring kinetic energy to fuel nuclei (D) to initiate fusion processes. It is well-known that screening increases the probability of tunneling through the Coulomb barrier. Electron screening also significantly increases the probability of large- versus small-angle Coulomb scattering of the reacting nuclei to enable subsequent nuclear reactions via tunneling. This probability is incorporated into the astrophysical factor S(E). Aspects of screening effects to enable calculation of nuclear reaction rates are also evaluated, including Coulomb scattering and localized heating of the cold NASA/TP-20205001617 2 fuel, primary D-D reactions, and subsequent reactions with both the fuel and the lattice nuclei. The effect of screening for enhancement of the total nuclear reaction rate is a function of multiple parameters including fuel temperature and the relative scattering probability between the fuel and lattice metal nuclei. Screening also significantly increases the probability of interaction between hot fuel and lattice nuclei increasing the likelilhood of Oppenheimer-Phillips processes opening a potential route to reaction multiplication. We demonstrate that the screened Coulomb potential of the target ion is determined by the nonlinear Vlasov potential and not by the Debye potential. In general, the effect of screening becomes important at low kinetic energy of the projectile. We examine the range of applicability of both the analytical and asymptotic expressions for the well-known electron screening lattice potential energy Ue, which is valid only for E >> Ue (E is the energy in the center of mass reference frame). We demonstrate that for E &#8804; Ue, a direct calculation of Gamow factor for screened Coulomb potential is required to avoid unreasonably high values of the enhancement factor f(E) by the analytical—and more so by the asymptotic—formulas  
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Adolf Schneider (compiler) 
Messias-Wirbelkraftwerk [¤]
  Erfinder oder besser «Finder» einer neuen Art von autonomer Wasserwirbelmaschine war der Syrer Muhammad al-Masih Daruish al-Khooss (1926-2001) aus dem Ort Al-Zabadani., der für sich den Titel ,Messias’ beanspruchte. Dies war eine Berufsbezeichnung und bedeutete ,Wegwischer’ (der Brennstofftechno-logien). 1973 hatte Achmed Khammas diesen Mann kennengelernt, dessen visionär empfangene Idee weiterverfolgt und dann in seinem Buch der Synergie ausführlich beschrieben. In dieser Zusammenstellung werden die Erfahrungen und Ãśberlegungen von Achmed Khammas beschrieben, der vom Erfinder der Wassertornadomaschine viel gelernt hat sowie die Kommentare von Physikern wiedergegeben, die sich mit Wirbelphänomenen befasst haben. 
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Chaudhari, Saurabh Vikas 
Pulse Wheel/Flywheel: Contributing New Science for Unbounding Efficiency, to the Era of Physics! [¤]
  As we know, the pulse wheel/flywheel is the result of hidden or indirectly applied science behind the working of an I.C. Engine and it is used during pulse mechanism, but without mathematical proof it is incomplete and hence it would stand only as a theoretical concept. Here I have tried to explain the equivalency between the working of pulse mechanism and I.C. Engine (single and multi cylinder). On performing calculations in order to determine the overall efficiency of pulse mechanism due to use of pulse wheel/flywheel, the results obtained are extraordinary as the efficiency exceeds 100%. In the near future, if this mechanism is installed and implemented, then it would entirely change the power generation processes and the current laws related to mechanical efficiency have to be changed accordingly.  
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Review of Free Energy Generator using Flywheel [¤]
  This Paper deals with the study of free energy and its generation using flywheel system. The energy storing capacity of flywheel is used to generate extra amount free energy. This extra energy is used to run s the other electrical appliances. It consist of A.C. motor of half horsepower capacity is used to drive a series of belt and pulley drive which form a gear-train and produces over double rpm at the shaft of an alternator. The intriguing thing about this system is that greater electrical output power can be obtained from the output of the alternator than appears to be drawn from the input motor. It is done with the help of Gravity wheel. The gravity wheel or flywheel is coupled with the gear-train in order to produce more extra energy or free energy. The overall study is done with various parameters of flywheel to obtain the maximum free energy out of the system. This free energy is getting free of cost. 
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Julio C. Gobbi 
EM-GI Propulsion System [¤]
  ABSTRACT: This article intends to show that there are several electromagnetic and gravitoinertial methods to produce propulsion, which are: electric levitation, magnetic repulsion with mass rotation and ionic vortexes, gravitational neutralization with mass rotation and others related with these. We will work on the understanding and development of mathematical equations to quantify these systems. In the end, we will have a first approach to a new set of mathematical concepts to experiment with suitable technology for self-propelled fuel-free machines. 
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Sapogin, L.G. / Ryabov, Yu.A. 
About unitary quantum theory and about catalytic process theory [¤]
  In this article is considered approximately unitary quantum theory with oscillating charge for single particle. The Laws of conservation are got after averaging on ensemble of the particles. Using this equation allows united position to explain many mysterious phenomena as of the calatylic processes and nature. 
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Zero Point Energy [¤]
  An Introduction to Zero-Point Energy (ZPE), the origin of ZPE and it's connection to inertia and gravitation 
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Zoltan Losonc 
Free Energy Principles - the forbidden science [¤]
  Free Energy From Wave Fields The free energy research is pursued mostly by enthusiastic people, who do not have full trust in the validity of the official scientific knowledge. There is a civil engineer in Hungary János Vajda who dedicated his whole life to the science, specifically to the microwave technology. As the result of many years of research he succeeded to scientifically prove (with the classical scientific methods and formulas – i.e. without any new “mystical” theory) that the law of energy conservation is not valid in general sense for the wave fields, but it can be satisfied only in special cases. Therefore it can not be considered as a valid postulate. His first study of 1998 the study has been translated into English titled “VIOLATION OF THE LAW OF ENERGY CONSERVATION IN WAVE FIELDS” and published for the first time on the website “Free Energy Principles” as a free eBook, for the benefit of all free energy researchers, see: https://feprinciples.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/energy_from_wave_fields_1-21.pdf 
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Claus Turtur 
The fundamental Principle of the Conversion of Zero-point-energy of the Vacuum [¤]
  After the zero-point-energy is made manifest now, the task arises to clarify the fundamental principles, which explain the conversion of this energy into any other (classical) type of energy, such as electrical or mechanical energy. These fundamental basics of Physics are now understood and described in the present article. Based on this theoretical fundament, the article explains, how the construction of zero-point-energy converters can be done systematicially for practical engineering. This is the first time, when a practical method for the systematic construction of zero-point-energy converters is presented. The article gives guidelines for the development of a dynamic Finite-Element-Algorithm (DFEM), which enables us to construct zero-point-energy converters systematically. Simple models of zero-point-energy-converters can be developed with this method rather easy. More complex realistic engines require remarkable effort for computation. The train of thoughts is rounded up by the explanation of some examples for consequences of the zero-point-energy and its conversion within everyday life, as for instance the existence of electric charge and the stability of atoms. 
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Julio C. Gobbi 
Power from Electrostatic Charges [¤]
  ABSTRACT: This article aims to investigate the possibility of using atmospheric and earth electrostatic charges, and sea water ions in electric energy generation systems. To do this, it is developed a set of equations based on the Lorentz’s force to collect electric charges and ions to work as an electric current power source. These charges have more mobility then the valence electrons of electric conducting materials, then they will perform work when they are added to any electrical circuit. 
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Dirk Schadach 
Energieumwandlung aus dem Vakuumfeld auf der Basis nicht-transversaler elektromagnetischer Effekte [¤]
  Auf dem Weg zur technischen Nutzung induzierter Energieemissionen aus dem Vakuumfeld und anderer unkonventioneller Energiequellen nehmen die nicht-transversalen elektromagnetischen Wellen eine Schlüsselposition ein. Die Rekonstruktion der von James C. Maxwell ursprünglich angestrebten Inhalte durch russische und amerikanische Wissenschaftler in den 1990er Jahren zeigt neue Wege und Perspektiven auf. Das Vakuumfeld könnte im 21. Jahrhundert zu der wichtigsten erneuerbaren Energiequelle werden. Die Einbeziehung dieser Ansätze in die heutigen Ingenieurswissenschaften würde einen erheblichen Paradigmawechsel auslösen. 
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Claus W. Turtur 
DFEM-Simulation eines Raumenergie-Konverters mit realistischen Abmessungen und einer Leistungsabgabe im Kilowattbereich [¤]
  In bisherigen Arbeiten hat der Autor ein Verfahren zur theoretischen Berechnung von Raumenergie- Konvertern als Dynamische Finite-Elemente-Methode (DFEM) präsentiert. Dabei wurden die physikalischen Grundlagen der Raumenergie-Konversion ausgearbeitet und einfache Prinzipbeispiele für die Berechnung von Raumenergie-Konvertern vorgeführt, deren Leistung allerdings nur im Nanowatt- oder im Mikrowatt-Bereich lag, und daher nur für einen Grundlagen-Beweis ausreicht, nicht aber für eine technische Nutzung. Der Weg zum leistungsstarken Raumenergie-Motor im Kilowatt-Bereich erforderte noch einige Arbeit, deren Ergebnisse der Autor im vorliegenden Artikel vorstellt. Anders als bei den bisherigen Grundlagenuntersuchungen handelt es sich dabei um einen magnetisch operierenden Konverter, da die Leistungsdichte bei praktisch erzeugbaren Magnetfeldern um einige Zehnerpotenzen höher liegt, als bei entsprechenden elektrischen Feldern. Im vorliegenden Artikel führt der Autor Schritt für Schritt die Lösung aller einzelnen Probleme vor, die ihn schlieÃźlich zum geeigneten Raumenergie- Magnetmotor im Kilowatt-Bereich geführt haben. Das Egebnis ist ein Raumenergie-Motor mit einem Durchmesser von 9 cm und einer Höhe von 6.8 cm, der eine Leistung von 1.07 Kilowatt erzeugt. 
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Roger Hastings 
Newman's Theory: A Report  [¤]
  On Joseph Newman´s Theory. The author do not intend to recapitulate the theory presented in Newman´s book, but rather to briefly provide his interpretation of Newman´s ideas. 
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Joachim Schulz 
Was ist Nullpunktenergie? [¤]
  Eine Seite zur Nullpunktenergie 
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Charles W. Kellum /The Galactican Group 
Electric Power Generation from Spacetime Background Potential Energy Engineering Principles for Cross-Field Device Technology Development [¤]
  The manipulation of spacetime curvature via electromagnetism can make the background electric potential energy of spacetime available as an energy source. This vast energy reservoir presents a clean, renewable, low cost resource that can eliminate oil dependency, and lead to complete energy independence. The objectives of this white-paper are to provide an engineering framework and guidelines for the design and operation of crossfield generator (CFG) device technology. All crossfield generator devices employ counter-rotating magnetic fields. Counter pulsing of stationary solenoid coils would cause the resulting magnetic fields to rotate. Phase-switching electric current through the coils achieves rotation of the resulting magnetic fields. The purpose of the counter-rotating magnetic fields is to generate a region - a kind of "bubble" - where the spin-connection vector w has a non-zero divergence. The spin-connection-resonance (SCR) amplifies the electric background potential of space-time PHI; and neutralizes also the gravitational field. At this point several methods can be used to transfer voltage from the background potential energy reservoir of spacetime to an electric load. The flywheel version employs a dielectric material implemented as a rotating dipole whie the stationary Casimir version CFG (Crossfield Generator) device uses the Casimir Effect between Casimir plates to produce an oscillatory driving function. There are no mechanical energy conversion hassles. The crossfield generators are scalable and practical. In the annex of the paper you can find an electronic circuit which is suitable to start the power generation processes and to induce the resonance conditions.  
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Stoyan Sarg Sargoytchev 
Theoretical Feasibility of Cold Fusion According to the BSM - Supergravitation Unified Theory [¤]
  Advances in the field of cold fusion and the recent success of the nickel and hydrogen exothermal reaction, in which the energy release cannot be explained by a chemical process, need a deeper understanding of the nuclear reactions and, more particularly, the possibility for modification of the Coulomb barrier. The current theoretical understanding based on high temperature fusion does not offer an explanation for the cold fusion or LENR. The treatise ?Basic Structures of Matter ? Supergravitation Unified Theory?, based on an alternative concept of the physical vacuum, provides an explanation from a new point of view by using derived three-dimensional structures of the atomic nuclei. For explanation of the nuclear energy, a hypothesis of a field micro-curvature around the superdense nucleus is suggested. Analysis of some successful cold fusion experiments resulted in practical considerations for modification of the Coulomb barrier. The analysis also predicts the possibility of another cold fusion reaction based on some similarity between the nuclear structures of Ni and Cr.  
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David Dennard 
WhirlPower Theory [¤]
  This is a theory that was offered to me by David Dennard to place on my website. Feel free to think about this possiblity.. there are several others who are putting together experimental models to test this. 
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Claus Turtur 
Das grundlegende Prinzip der Wandlung von Raumenergie [¤]
  (siehe z.B. Astrophysik, Quantenelektrodynamik) und deren Wandelbarkeit in andere klassische Energieformen im Labor nachgewiesen wurde (siehe z.B. Casimir-Effekt) wurde auch deren Nutzbarkeit für die praktische Energie-Technologie im Labor prinzipiell nachgewiesen. Nun da die Raumenergie manifest gemacht wurde, fragt man nach den prinzipiellen Grundlagen ihrer Wandlung in eine klassische Energieform, wie z.B. elektrische oder mechanische Energie. Diese Grundlagen wurden vom Autor des vorliegenden Artikels erkannt und hier beschrieben. Damit ist erstmals die fundamentale theoretische Grundlage zur praktischen systematischen Konstruktion von Raumenergie-Konvertern vorhanden. Die Arbeit enthält Konstruktionsrichtlinien für Raumenergie-Konverter, unter Verwendung eines dynamischen Finite-Elemente-Verfahrens (DFEM). Einfache Raumenergie-Konverter können nach diesem Verfahren mit moderatem Aufwand durch einen DFEM-Algorithmus ersonnen werden. Für kompliziertere realistische Maschinen wird der Rechenaufwand hingegen ziemlich groÃź. Eine kleine Abrundung erfährt der Artikel durch die Erläuterung einiger Beispiele für verschiedene Konsequenzen der Raumenergie in unserem Alltag. Diese reichen bis hinein in die Grundlagen der Stabilität der Materie. 
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Robert Gansler 
Maxwell?s Dämon vitalisiert Wasser - Gedanken ĂĽber den Zusammenhang von Entropie, Information, Vitalität und dem Kristallbildungsvermögen von Wasser [¤]
  Ein Dämon, den der Physiker James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) einst herauf beschworen hatte, scheint nach langem Schlaf wieder erwacht zu sein. Offenbar bemühte Maxwell diesen Dämon, weil ihm die Beschränkung des 2. Hauptsatzes der Thermodynamik zu eng interpretiert schien. Gemeinhin wurde und wird von Thermodynamikern dieser Erfahrungssatz so aufgefasst, dass ohne ein Temperatur- und/oder Druckgefälle keine Energieumwandlung möglich und also keine Arbeit verrichtet werden kann. Denn bei jeder Umwandlung wird Energie mehr und mehr abgewertet, mit dem Ergebnis, dass immer weniger Energie zur Verrichtung von Arbeit zur Verfügung steht. Als MaÃź für diese Energieabwertung wurde die Entropie als thermodynamische ZustandsgrÃ¶Ãźe eingeführt. Anhand der oben ausgeführten Modellvorstellungen ist die Ursache für die Strukturveränderungen in Wasser infolge der Behandlung mit sogenannten Vitalisierungsverfahren mit einem Entropie-Export und der damit verbundenen Selbstorganisation des Systems Wasser erklärbar. Von Relevanz ist weniger der Energieübergang, aber unvergleichlich mehr der Informationsübergang auf das Wasser, was freilich in Organismen eine Energiefreisetzung zur Folge haben kann, sofern der Resonanzfall eintritt. Um ein stofflich und informativ reines und geordnetes Wasser zu erhalten, ist es notwendig, den Informationsgehalt des Wassers auf einige wenige Ur-Informationen zu reduzieren. Platonische- Körper-Strukturen werden als Ur-Informationen favorisiert [4, 5, 6]. Als Auslöser für diese Umstrukturierungen des Wassers kommen einige Phänomene in Betracht, die gemÃ¤Ãź einem Gedankenexperiment von J. C. Maxwell unter dem Begriff des Maxwellschen Dämon in die wissenschaftliche Literatur eingegangen sind. Dabei wird der Entropiesatz von skalaren thermodynamischen GrÃ¶Ãźen auf vektorielle und geometrische 
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Claus W. Turtur 
Wandlung von Vakuumenergie elektromagnetischer Nullpunktsoszillationen in klassische mechanische Energie [¤]
  Die hier vorgestellte Energiekonversion von Vakuumenergie in eine klassisch nutzbare Energieform verspricht Nutzen für die Anwendung, weil sie es ermöglicht, dem ausgedehnten Raum des Universums immense Energiemengen zu entziehen, die der Mensch praktisch nicht erschöpfen kann. 
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Harald Kautz-Vella 
Auf dem Weg zu einer neuen Energie-Technologie [¤]
  1. Wirbelsysteme - ein physikalischer Sonderfall 2. Beobachtungen im Experiment 3. Interpretation 4. Spezifizierung: Wirbel im Medium Wasser 5. Theoretische Konstruktion eines Wasserwirbelkraftwerks 6. Notwendige theoretische Arbeiten 
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W.D. Bauer 
T-Online eMail [¤]
  , original server, mirror is the theory page of Stefan Hartmanns overunity server www.overunity.com 
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Paul N. Correa + Alexandra Correa 
A Note on the Law of Electrodynamics [¤]
  Discussion of the Longitudinal Amp?re Forces and the corresponding papers in the journal "Infinite Energy" 
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Barry Nix 
Angle of Fire [¤]
  Plate Tectonics research revealed certain angles through Earth. Investigating these angles led to an explanation of some type of great explosion on ancient Earth. After explanation of these angles, then the Fusion Principle was discovered concerning implosion. 
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Claus Wilhelm Turtur 
Freie Energie fĂĽr alle Menschen ! [¤]
  Dies ist eine Zusammenfassung des Raumenergie-Vortrages von Prof. Dr. Claus Wilhelm Turtur beim regionalen Wirtschaftsgipfel in Luzern (am 17. März 2018). Die Zusammenfassung wurde nachträglich aus freier Erinnerung geschrieben und ist daher nicht exakt. 
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Philipp M. Kanarev 
Energy Impulse Secrets [¤]
  Energy impulses keep preserving their secrets. The errors in Newton’s dynamics and electrodynamics are the main causes of incomprehension of these secrets. A recovery of these errors will open new energy possibilities before mankind; these possibilities will rescue mankind from an environmental disaster, which is generated by hydrocarbon energy sources. It is not an empty forecast. Its authenticity is proved both theoretically and experimentally. The new laws of mechanodynamics and electrodynamics of microworld, which were in possession of the author of this article at that time, gave an astonishingly simple and effective solution of this problem. As a result, a self-rotating electric pulse generator was made and tested. 
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Claus W. Turtur 
Neue saubere Energieform entdeckt [¤]
  Alle Energieprobleme können bald gelöst sein, wenn wir eine bisher wenig beachtete Energieform nutzen, die sog. ?Vakuumfeldenergie?, auch ?Nullpunktsenergie? genannt. Sie ist absolut sauber, umweltfreundlich, ohne gesundheitliche Risiken, dazu unerschöpflich, kostenlos, überall verfügbar und nachhaltig. Einziger Nachteil: Sie ist kaum bekannt und daher nicht nachgefragt. 
Bewertung: ********** (34 Stimmen) eingetragen am 21.05.2011 Hits: 10595, Status: Indikator
Thomas F. Valone 
Permanent Magnet Spiral Motor for Magnetic Gradient Energy Utilization: Axial Magnetic Field [¤]
  The Spiral Magnetic Motor, which can accelerate a magnetized rotor through 90% of its cycle with only permanent magnets, was an energy milestone for the 20th century patents by Kure Tekkosho in the 1970?s. However, the Japanese company used old ferrite magnets which are relatively weak and an electrically-powered coil to jump start every cycle, which defeated the primary benefit of the permanent magnet motor design....It is proposed that integrating a magnetic force control device with a spiral stator inhomogeneous axial magnetic field motor is a viable approach to add a sufficient nonlinear boundary shift to apply the angular momentum and potential energy gained in 315 degrees of the motor cycle. 
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